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I've decided to enter a portrait of Brigid in this year's PDN Faces Photo Contest. Along with the judged competition there is a People's Choice award, so I thought I'd ask for votes. Please visit this site to vote. You have to enter an e-mail address to vote, but it seems like you can vote as many times as you like even if you enter the same address more than once. So vote early, vote often applies here. Thanks!

PDN Faces competition entry

A few months ago The Center for Fine Art Photography selected one of my photographs, Four Corners, for an exhibit at the Denver International Airport which begins today.

Four Corners

The Denver International Airport exhibits artwork throughout it's terminal and concourses and says they are "one of the largest public art collections in one location in the country." The exhibit runs through the end of July, so if you happen to be flying through Denver for the next couple of months and you have some time to spare, take a look at all the artwork and let me know if you see mine!

And the CameraArts Photo of the Month for March 2007, Figure and Fashion category, is Ginger's Night Out 1. Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me throughout last week. For those of you asked, the story of how the photo came to be is down in the original blog entry.

You may recall that a few weeks ago my photo Ginger's Night Out 1 was chosen to be in the running for CameraArts Photo of the Month. Well now it's time for the general public to vote which of the twenty photos that CameraArts chose throughout March gets to be the winner. You can see the finalists (there are some nudes in the voting choices so be aware before you click) and at the bottom of the page vote for your favorite at Of course, I'd like you to vote for my photo if you're so inclined. You can vote once from now until 3:00 p.m. EDT on Friday April 13th. Thank you.

Ginger's Night Out 2

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In my March 13th post I mentioned a companion image to my photo Ginger's Night Out 1 that's in the running for CameraArts Photo of the Month for March. It might be not-safe-for-work, so I edited the previous entry to include both images if you're curious.

CameraArts is a fine art photography print magazine that also has a blog. For the last few months they've been running a Photo of the Month competition where each week they choose five photos from weekly submissions and then allow readers to vote on the best of the twenty chosen photos at the end of the month. March's category is Figure and Fashion and this week one of my photos, entitled Ginger's Night Out 1 was chosen to be in the running for Photo of the Month:

Ginger’s Night Out 1

I've always really liked this photo. It was taken during a fashion shoot back in 2003 at this gorgeous home out on Montauk. The model, Ginger, and I had been talking all morning about doing something different and funny in this tiny little bathroom. The fashion designer wasn't so into us doing any funny photos on her time—which was completely understandable. But at one point there was a break in the action while another model's dress needed to be altered, so Ginger and I ducked into this space and took a couple of quick snaps. There is a companion image to this one that I'll post another day.

And here's the companion image I mentioned. This one's fun too, but I always liked that bored, vacant look in Ginger's eyes in the above photo. Which was truly great acting.

Ginger’s Night Out 2