December 2007 Archives

intimate family portraits

More from the month of November and these are some of my favorite portraits that I did this fall. The baby boy in these photographs was around nine weeks old. To me, the best place to photograph a family with an infant that young is in their home. It's safe and comfortable for the baby, plus all the essential items are at hand. And in the fall and winter months there's the added benefit that it's indoors and doesn't look sterile or like the same ol' studio. I was going for very close and intimate portraits that emphasize the baby's early bonding with his parents.

family portrait 1

I can't decide which of these first two are my favorite.

family portrait 2

family portrait 3

Of course, let's not neglect Dad. Believe me, I'm aware that I'll be making tons of mother and child photos come February when our baby is born.

family portrait 4

This next one became this year's Christmas card.

family portrait 5

family portrait 6

And here's father and son.

family portrait 7